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Commencement is the first step for the alumni served by the IUAA.


IUAA funds a variety of alumni communities. There are currently three types of alumni communities: chapters, constituent societies (schools), and affiliate groups (special-interest groups).

Each type of alumni community is funded in a slightly different way.
Within this section of the Volunteer Resource Center, you will be able to see how your group’s allocation is determined and find detailed IUAA financial policies and guidelines to help your alumni community fundraise.

If you have detailed financial questions, please be in touch with your IUAA liaison.

Alumni Communities Grants

All alumni communities, chapters, constituent societies and affiliate groups, regardless of their respective achievement levels, have access to a special IUAA grant pool. The grant pool is available during the current fiscal year (2014-15) or until all funds are completely utilized. The IUAA fiscal year runs from July 1-June 30.

Communities are allowed to make grant proposals to the IUAA grant fund for additional financial support for new or special events, activities, and programs. Grants are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Communities may submit as many grant proposals as they wish. However, the total amount of all grants awarded to a community, in a given fiscal year, cannot exceed $3,000.

The applicant must complete the attached application.  Only applications completed in full will be considered.  Also, please be sure to include a proposed budget and plans for promotion.  

Criteria and Process for Awarding IUAA Communities Grants

  1. Criteria
    • Events and experiences that further the mission of the IU Alumni Association and that include the Principles of Alumni Engagement:  Identify, Inform, Involve and Invest.
  2. Award Process
    • Funding decisions will be recommended by a committee appointed by the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the IU Alumni Association and the Senior Alumni Relations Officer. Applicants will be notified of event funding decisions within 30 days of the application submission.
    • Funding is contingent on the event or program reasonably occurring as proposed. The applicant must notify the IUAA if significant changes are expected that would impact the event or program as proposed.
    • The IUAA may withdraw funding or request the return of funds for events or programs which are substantially reduced or inaccurately portrayed in the application. A summary of the program or event is required to be submitted to your assigned Alumni Relations Officer no later than one month following the completion of the program.

Download the grant application for alumni communities here »

Download the grant application for alumni ambassadors here »