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Alumni Awards

Gertrude Rich Award

This award honors the memory of the wife of Claude Rich, director of the IUAA from 1948–1968. Established in 1972, it is given each year to a person who has exemplified the spirit of Mrs. Rich in making outstanding contributions to the IUAA.

Recipients of the Gertrude Rich Award
2016 Nancy Kalina
2015 Gwendolyn May-Barlow
2014 Patricia Williams, BS’60
2013 Barbara Baker
2012 Sandy Schultz Moberly, BS’63
2009 Lynn V. Lewis, BME’66, MS’82, Ed’87
2008 Becky Fox, BS’65
2007 Audrey Hofelich Beckley, BS’64
2006 Donna Berry Spears, BS’79, MPA’81
2005 Molly Johnson, AS’68
2004 Carolyn Muhn, BA’51
2003 Nancy E. Otte, BS’76, OD’78
2002 Roselyn R. Cole, BS’60
2001 Barbara McElroy Kunkler, GN’51
2000 Sandra Jones Obremskey, BS’58, MS’91
1999 Marian Louise Armstrong, BS’52, MA’58
1998 Adrienne Hitchcock Savage, BS’51
1997 Wilma Lippert Kelley, BA’37, MA’40
1996 Alice Cunningham Manifold, GN’44
1994 Ellen Rome Ehrlich, LHD’94
1993 Jane Fletchall, ’36
1992 Margaret Pegge Campbell Ewers
1991 Martha Lea Armstrong, ’45
1990 Dorothy Craig Collins, ’40
1989 Rebecca Thomas Markel, BSN’59, MSN’72, EdD’86
1988 Dot Pinnell
1987 D. Patricia Ryan, BA’79
1986 Doris Marie Seward, BA’38
1985 Gene Portteus Branigin, BA’34
1984 Sue Hays Talbot, BS’66, MS’71, EdD’92
1983 Gayle Karch Cook, BA’56, LHD’93
1982 Mildred Stewart Richey, BA’35
1981 Dona Roberts Biddle, BA’29
1980 Cecilia Hendricks Wahl, BA’38
1979 Lucretia Bergdoll Crill, BS’26
1978 Jane Bayer Butcher, BA’37
1977 Margaret Helen Elliott, MA’33
1976 Aline Hewitt Robinson, MS’57
1975 Helen Van Curen Blackledge, BS’30
1974 Miriam Meloy Sturgeon, BA’38, MA’40
1973 Mary Rieman Maurer, BA’16
1972 Ruth Smith Kivett, BA/BS’39